What we do...

Most Days We Do

  • Activities

  • Games

  • Songs

  • Stories

  • Dramas

We stay on site so you will....

  • always know where your child is

  • know there are no hidden or extra costs

Special Days​​​

  • Bouncy Castle Day – Wednesday

  • DVD day – Thursday

Special Events

  • Bring a friend for FREE (EVERY Wednesday). It must be your friend's first time at the BUZZ

  • Wednesday Breakfast, cereal and toast for everyone (EVERY Wednesday).

  • Family Dinner. The first Thursday of the BUZZ (during the school year) we invite BUZZ families to come for a free dinner. Our church supplies the food so there is no cost to you. Starting at 5.30pm with meet and greet time followed by some games the children have been playing, then dinner to finish the evening.