Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an approved holiday service provider?

YES we are fully OSCAR approved.


Can we get WINZ support?

If you are eligible, you can apply for WINZ subsidy.  Please refer to our WINZ information.


How can I make payment?

Internet banking is preferable, but you can also pay by cash.


What do I do about food?

NOTHING. We will provide everything your child needs, providing they have a normal diet. If your child has specific dietary needs please note this on your enrolment form.


What happens on the day?

All children are signed in first thing in the morning. The day starts with the children being given the days theme, behaviour expectations and safety guidelines. Then the fun begins and doesn’t stop till the end of the day when you sign your child out.


My child has special needs, can they still attend?

We try to take all children into our programme. If your child needs a care worker/helper or has special requirements please contact us BEFORE you enrol so we can discuss this with you.