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October 2017 - Good to Go

  • October 2-6; 9-13 2017
    • 8.30am to 3pm session $27.00
    • 8.30am to 4pm session $30.00
    • 8.30am to 5.30pm session $35.00
    • Food included
    • WINZ subsidies may apply
    • Cost is per Child, per Day

    How it works is we require you to fill in an enrolment form for your children once, but a registration form for each child for each new programme they are going to attend. The enrolment form gets their and your details into our system and the registration form secures their place and books them in for the days you require for each particular programme.

    Please see our Enrolment and Registration Forms on our enrol page. You can download these forms and fill them out digitally and email them back, or print off, fill in, scan and email back. Please make your emails to us with the subject heading to include the Buzz Programme i.e Oct17Buzz and then your child's name.

    Head over to our Facebook page and take a look, and fill in the enrolment form if you'd like to come along. You can come to any, or all days. You can decide!

    Want more info? Here's our Family information sheet (You'll need a pdf programme to open it).

    We have been given another Top 25 Award Badge from the team at Active Activities for Kids for 2016 - Thanks everyone for your support and interest in our awesome kids holiday programmes :)